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Backup and restore LVM configuration of a volume group (vg)

To know the volume groups of your system, issue the following command, we will use the VG Name field:


This command is automatically done everytime the LVM volume group changes, so you don't really have to schedule this command, but if you want to make sure you have a fresh backup of the LVM volume group, you can use:

vgcfgbackup Your-Volume-Group-Name
# or setting the output file
vgcfgbackup -f /etc/lvm/backup/your_own_backup_name Your-Volume-Group-Name

Backup will be saved under /etc/lvm/backup

You can restore the LVM configuration (not the files) using:

# -v = verbose
vgcfgrestore Your-Volume-Group-Name -v -f /etc/lvm/backup/Your-Volume-Group-Name
# check it exists, if you see it as 'inactive', use the next 'lvchange' command:
lvchange -ay /dev/Your-Volume-Group-Name/lv_whatever


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