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Borg-backup quick guide

Before a backup can be made a repository has to be initialized:

borg init --encryption=repokey /path/to/repo

Backup the ~/src and ~/Documents directories into an archive called Monday:

borg create /path/to/repo::Monday ~/src ~/Documents

The next day create a new archive called Tuesday:

$ borg create --stats /path/to/repo::Tuesday ~/src ~/Documents
This backup will be a lot quicker and a lot smaller since only new never before seen data is stored. The --stats option causes Borg to output statistics about the newly created archive such as the amount of unique data (not shared with other archives):
Archive name: Tuesday
Archive fingerprint: bd31004d58f51ea06ff735d2e5ac49376901b21d58035f8fb05dbf866566e3c2
Time (start): Tue, 2016-02-16 18:15:11
Time (end):   Tue, 2016-02-16 18:15:11
Duration: 0.19 seconds
Number of files: 127
                       Original size      Compressed size    Deduplicated size
This archive:                4.16 MB              4.17 MB             26.78 kB
All archives:                8.33 MB              8.34 MB              4.19 MB
                       Unique chunks         Total chunks
Chunk index:                     132                  261

List all archives in the repository:

$ borg list /path/to/repo
Monday                               Mon, 2016-02-15 19:14:44
Tuesday                              Tue, 2016-02-16 19:15:11

List the contents of the Monday archive:

$ borg list /path/to/repo::Monday
drwxr-xr-x user   group          0 Mon, 2016-02-15 18:22:30 home/user/Documents
-rw-r--r-- user   group       7961 Mon, 2016-02-15 18:22:30 home/user/Documents/Important.doc

Restore the Monday archive by extracting the files relative to the current directory:

borg extract /path/to/repo::Monday

Recover disk space by manually deleting the Monday archive:

borg delete /path/to/repo::Monday
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